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Release 0.2 is available!

CVSView is a simple Java/Swing application for browsing CVS based projects. The particular itch that this project scratched was a need to be able to more easily assign credit in group coding projects in our university courses. It should, however, be useful in any situation where one needs to better understand who contributed to the final, running code, and how.

It's still early days, but we already have something that is at least nominally useful. At the moment we can display files (that are assumed to be part of a CVS repository) using the output of "cvs annotate" with the lines of the file color coded by the login name of the user that committed that line (click on the reduced screen shot above for an example).

This project was started by Nic McPhee at the University of Minnesota, Morris. The project is being hosted by SourceForge. Feel free to visit the project page for more information, support requests, patch and bug submissions, etc.

Planned extensions include:

Known bugs include:

Nic McPhee
Last modified: Wed 21 March 2001